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The free Roku mobile app

Control your Roku device, stream free TV on the go, and enjoy more fun features.

Meet the must-have app for streamers

Easily control your Roku device with a convenient remote. It has everything you need to control your streaming, search with your voice, enjoy private listening, and quickly launch your most recent channels.

    search functionality on the roku app
    Search in a snap
    Quickly search across thousands of channels with your voice or mobile keyboard. You'll see where movies and shows are available to stream for free or at the lowest cost.
    Not sure what to watch? Now you can browse entertainment in your favorite genres with Roku Zones on the search page.
    Voice control for any Roku device
    Fun. Convenient. Fast. Simply tap the voice icon and say a command to search, launch entertainment, control your streaming, and more. Voice search and controls are available in English and Spanish.
    "Launch The Roku Channel"
    "Search for comedies"
    "Watch Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu"
    Plus, control your Roku TV with your voice:
    "Tune to NBC"
    "Switch to HDMI 1"
    "Set a sleep timer for 60 minutes"
    Person using the private listening feature
    Don't wake the house
    Feel free to turn up the volume any time with private listening on the Roku mobile app. Just plug headphones into your phone and listen at any volume you want. Plus, up to three friends can join in on their phones too.
    Free TV on the go
    Stream The Roku Channel and enjoy hit movies, TV shows, live channels, and more—anytime, anywhere. You can even start watching at home then pick up where you left off on the go.
    little girl riding a bike on a TV and mobile phone
    Cast photos and more on your TV
    Easily share photos, videos, and music from your compatible smartphone or tablet right to your TV. Enjoy fantastic slideshows and videos starring you and your loved ones on the big screen. You and your friends can even share and enjoy photos and videos from your mobile devices at the same time.