Endless entertainment.

With over 2,000 channels and counting, Roku players offer access to streaming entertainment from top channels like BBC iPlayer, Netflix®, NOW TV, Sky Sports, ITV Player, Demand 5, YouTube, BBC Sport, and many more.

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Things to know: Some channels require payment.
Channel availability can change and varies by country.

Great for Netflix & NOW TV

With a ton of great films and TV shows available, you can find the perfect title to match your mood. Add up to 1080p HD support, English subtitles, profiles, and an Instant-Start experience with the Roku 3, the new Roku 2, and Roku® Streaming Stick® for a fantastic Netflix® experience.

Great for Netflix and NOW TV.

Minutes to set up.
Seconds to stream. Simple to use.

Plug it in

Plug it in

Connect to your network

Connect to your network

Happy streaming

Watch what you love

Watch what you love

Enjoy hundreds of free channels, your favourite subscription-based services, rent or buy. You choose what to watch, where to watch it, and how much to pay for it!

*Some channels require payment. Channel availability can change and varies by country.

Find what you want fast!

Find what you want. Fast.

Roku Search allows you to search across top channels by title, actor, or director using the simple remote, or the free Roku mobile app. So it's easy to see what’s on, what you can watch for free, with a subscription, or options to rent or buy.

Follow movies
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With the Roku Feed™, know when new movies are ready to stream – on what channel and at what price.

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No hidden costs

No hidden costs

There are no recurring fees to maintain your Roku account. Some channels charge a subscription or other fee to access their programming. Others make it easy to rent or buy. Hundreds of channels are free to enjoy, right out of the box. You choose what to you pay for and what you don't.

Easy to use

Choose between the intuitive remote, or the free Roku app for your smartphone or tablet.

Easy to use
Cast from your smartphone to your TV

Cast from your smartphone or tablet

Cast films, shows, sport highlights, the latest cat tricks, and so much more from Netflix® and YouTube® directly to your TV with your compatible phone or tablet and free Roku app.

Netflix and YouTube

You're in control

The free Roku app lets you beam photos, songs, and videos from your compatible phone or tablet, directly to your TV. Start a TV programme, replay a favourite movie moment, or browse through the Channel Store—all from the palm of your hand.

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Use your phone to control your Roku player
Hotel & Dorm Connect

Take it with you

Travel with your favourite entertainment. With Hotel & Dorm Connect, it is easier than ever before to take your Roku player with you on the road, connect and access your favourite shows from your dormitory or hotel room.

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Common Questions

What is streaming?

Simply put, streaming is content (a movie, TV episode, a crazy cat trick) delivered to your TV, over the internet. Streaming is entertainment without the need for traditional delivery, like over-the-air antennas or cable TV.

How do Roku players work?

Roku players connect directly to your TV with HDMI® or composite cables, and to the Ineternet via your home network. You choose from a huge selection of streaming channels, and add them to your Home screen, grab your super-simple remote, and easily enjoy endless entertainment. Our simple and intuitive interface makes is easy to find what you want to watch and explore all of the channels.

Can I watch all of my favorite TV shows?

Services like Netflix® offer a variety of shows, all on demand, – some, as early as one day after airing. You can "binge-watch" past seasons, and choose from a variety of channels and price options to watch more recent episodes on demand. If you have cable, Roku players make it easy to watch cable, on demand, without being tied to your cable box.

How much does it cost to own a Roku player?

There are no recurring fees for owning a Roku player - watch what you love and pay only for what you want. There are hundreds of free channels, subscription services like Netflix® are under £10 month, and you can rent or buy individual titles or series on demand. You have the freedom to choose from the widest selection of free channels, subscription channels, and purchase or rental options.

What kind of internet connection do I need?

Roku players should work well with almost any broad-band connection. We recommend a minimum of 3.0 Mbps for HD content (1.5Mbps for SD). But don't worry, the average speed in the UK is a very quick 18 Mbps.