Roku Hosts Instant Party Extravaganza

Roku representatives traveled to Indpendence, MO in September to throw a special movie party for our grand prize winner, Brent S., and over 40 of his friends and family. We watched a double-feature using the Roku player and an LCD projector that displayed the movie on the big screen for everyone to watch. We wanted to share some of the party pictures with you.

Brent S. from Independence, Missouri (excerpted)

 people watching the Roku Player
 Watching movie on big screen
Every summer we have friends and neighbors over for a movie party –food, drink and flicks. We set up a videoprojector and show the movies on the side of our house. It is a great time. But our poor friends are at the mercy of our movie tastes (eclectic) and what is available on DVD which is our player.
This year would love to have a Roku Outdoor Movie Video Party--ROMVP for the uninitiated, and connect our Roku player to a video projector. That way our guests decided what to view instantly.
This would be movie democracy and viewer participation at its best. And because the Roku Player is such a great device we can confidently say: YES WE CAN. So what will it be friends want to see? WACO or WALL-E, Cabaret or On The Waterfront, Meet John Doe or All the President's Men. So many choices, so little time, we might have to extend our ROMVP party to the entire weekend.
This would be great, fun, and a great event. We would Twitter the heck out of it and share our ROMVP event on YouTube (using our nice little Flip camera) and Facebook. Not a bad viral marketing opportunity—which which is exactly what the contest is about anyway.
You are invited.
P.S. The Roku player is a winner even if we don't.

Chris B. from State College, Pennsylvania
"The previous Christmas, I brought my usual gifts of books, movies, and music for my parents. Neither of them work full-time anymore. Needless to say, I thought my addition to their leisure activities would be welcomed. It might have been, if not for one problem: my brother bought them a Roku player.
My gifts were cast aside under the Christmas tree, smiled at once and soon forgotten. The magic of Roku had devoured them completely. It was a new era of technology and entertainment for them. There was no fuzzy picture, no confusing remote, everything worked as advertised.
Nearly every night after dinner I would be forced to hear the praises of my brother and his thoughtful and ingenious gift. He basked in the glow of our suddenly turned-on TV and their magnanimous praise. He completely shattered our unspoken rule of buying merely adequate Christmas presents.
The bar is raised, and I am not thrilled about it. As such, I deserve to win this package, as I will be spending countless hours of strenuous effort trying to think of a present that will top the Roku player. If you refuse, I will convince my mother that the Roku player is what caused her broadcast television to stop working. The ball is in your court."

David E. from Boulder, Colorado
"The Roku player is the first technology device I've bought in years that does exactly what it's supposed to do... without fuss, without breaking, without having to wade through complicated manuals and set-up. It does what all technology devices should do, but which almost all of them fail to do: it just works."

Kim P. from Dunwoody, Georgia (excerpted)
I have a unique group of friends here. It is a bit of an older crowd—50's and 60's. Not exactly the Facebook crowd and they are still asking what Twitter is. So I am afraid I cannot send you any great links.....other than to say join us in the backyard on any Friday night.
Every Friday night during the summer, 10 to 15 of us gather in my back yard for dinner and a couple of movies. There is usually an hour of wonderful conversation over dinner followed by a double feature. My friends are fascinated by this little box that I have that movies just seem to stream from. As I said we're not exactly the really high tech crowd so a little WOW factor goes a long way.
So you see I can't add a lot of flash or glitz to this, that's not what we are. And you might say we have been having your parties all along.......but for a group of the slightly older crowd you would make a huge impression on those already WOWed by a little black box.

Rachel B. from Blythe, California
I love my Roku, yes I do; it makes my life a breeze!
Instant movies for my kids, can be found with ease.

The setup was easy, the streaming divine
I had it connected in almost no time

The picture looks great on my big screen TV
The search makes it easy to find a movie

I keep a selection of our favorite flicks
In our instant queue so it's easy to pick

Some for the kids and for those that are older
No need to keep a DVD holder

The Roku has movies that for us are matches
And no need to worry about dvd scratches

Entertainment made easy with no fuss or mess
Just shows and flicks galore with no need to guess

So if you are considering this sweet little device
Buy two or three, would be my advice!